Doctor of Physical Therapy, Columbia University
Bachelor of Science, Rutgers University

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April 12, 2024

Martin del Prado

Hey! My name is Martin del Prado. I am Rutgers/Columbia educated and opened my own practice in New Jersey treating out of Kratos Elite Performance Training (as well as other gyms in central/north jersey). I became a PT because I was injured repeatedly doing the things I loved growing up (tennis and weightlifting), which took me out of competitions and left me coming up short compared to my opponents. I was constantly left with a sense of failure all stemming from my injuries, and I attributed a lot of it to of a lack of guidance and education.

I believe our bodies are vehicles that allow us people to do whatever we love to do. It’s no secret that injuries may happen, but the frequency of injuries can be reduced and rehab can be accelerated with a good plan and a great guide. I want to help guide people of all fitness levels in their journeys to become more resilient humans so they can enjoy their lives without pain. I have a VERY movement-based approach because I believe that if I can teach a person to become pain-free without manual treatment, medication, or surgery, I’ve taught them a lesson they can use for a very long time

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Movement Solutions Physical Therapy and Performance

222 Stuyvesant Ave, Lyndhurst, New Jersey 07071, USA