Doctor of Physical Therapy, Grand Valley State University
Bachelor of Arts, Michigan State University

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February 16, 2024

Liam Grathoff

Hello all! I live in Grand Haven, MI and provided 1 on 1 PT comprehensive care through the company i’move Physical Therapy. I recently have completed the ICE Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete course and am passionate about treating all individuals but particularly patients who seek a full on health and wellness approach to our sessions. We will discuss nutrition, sleep, exercise, and so much more if you decide to partner with me on your journey. I believe Physical Therapy is so much more than the general population perceives it. Through ICE, I have learned the importance of being fitness forward, manual therapy skills and being psychologically informed. I look forward to helping those who need it.

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i’move Physical Therapy

18000 Cove St suite 202, Spring Lake, Michigan, USA