Kira Markus


Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Delaware

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May 10, 2024

Kira Markus

I’m a passionate orthopedic and pelvic Physical Therapist, Crossfit and Jiu Jitsu athlete. As a former coach and competitor, I understand the needs of your body for what some might consider “crazy” sports.

I’ve worked with athletes for the past 5 years, and having sustained a few injuries myself, I’ve seen it time and time again where patients are failed by the healthcare system either from lack of time, poor quality care, or worse yet a doctor telling you to just quit your sport.

My mission is to take the time to listen to your story, your needs, and your goals so we can formulate the most effective and efficient plan to get you back on the mats confidently, in the gym regularly, and in a routine of healthy living that you actually enjoy!

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