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April 6, 2024

Jon Frikken

CrossFIt Level 2 Trainer and Physical Therapist
I enjoy helping individuals keep moving. I believe exercise and fitness is a key component to the greater picture of keeping people healthy and there are always going to be times where this is going to be challenged via injury.
I had a previous career in construction management, then found CrossFit and left to pursue becoming a physical therapist because I loved the message some physical therapists were providing to keep people moving and push to help them do the things they love instead of working around or catastrophizing. So, after being in CrossFit for about 2 years, I started a long journey to become a PT and have now been a PT since 2020 after starting CrossFit in 2012. I believe the blend of PT and CrossFit is a winning combination to really help impact people’s lives.
I am now working on an orthopedic residency through EIM to be completed in September 2023, looking to become certified in 2024.

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5959 Baker Rd #340, Minnetonka, Minnesota 55345, USA