Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Utah
Bachelor of Arts, University of Utah

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April 6, 2024

Jeff Denning

Dr. Jeff Denning is a physical therapist who believes that our bodies are robust and adaptable, that movement is medicine, and that we need to put the health back in healthcare. He lives on the front lines of the physical therapy rebrand into version 2.0 and has fervent conviction in “practicing what you preach.” He is the owner and founder of Invictus Rx, a fitness forward physical therapy clinic that strives to leave people healthier than when they started and inspire those that are new to movement and exercise.

He loves treating CrossFit and other functional fitness athletes and also has a special interest in working with golfers that want to smoke their drives. But perhaps his favorite person to work with is the one who is unsure of themselves and their path forward with their current injuries and limitations. The person that has maybe never picked up a barbell before and doesn’t know if they need to get surgery or just give up their passions entirely. The person that has never gotten their heart rate above 90% of their max but is becoming less active each day because of their worsening back pain. The person that knows they need to do something different but just doesn’t know how to start because the traditional medical system has given up on them. He would be elated to help that person take their first step in their fitness and health journey.

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Invictus Rx

2085 Alan Street apt 1, Idaho Falls, ID 83404, USA