Doctorate of Physical Therapy, University of Central Arkansas
Bachelor of Science, University of Central Arkansas

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April 5, 2024

Jaime Hammons

I am a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer who recently achieved Pelvic Health certifications through Herman and Wallace. I have a long history of love for sports and fitness of all kinds! Just like everyone, as I have gotten older I have watched friends and family have children or other life changes; and slowly but surely quit the activities they love. They quit not just due to time but progressive pain, incontinence, or postpartum weakness. When asked why they quit, they would say, “this is just how my body is ever since I had my baby”. UNACCEPTABLE. I am determined to teach and show all of these mothers and athletes that they just because something is COMMON does not mean it is NORMAL! I love exercising, and I will show anyone I can just how capable their bodies are to continue doing it no matter the changes.

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Mountain Land Physical Therapy

12197 Draper Gate Drive, Draper, UT, USA