Doctor of Physical Therapy, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center


Back Pain, Chronic Pain, CrossFit, Fitness Athletes, Headaches, Lifestyle Change, Neck Pain, Older Adults, Orthopedics, Overuse Injuries, Persistent Pain, Spine Pain, Sports Rehab

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7 or more

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Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete (cert-CMFA)

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July 25, 2023

Evan Jones

Dr. Evan Jones has been practicing Physical Therapy since 2015. After serving in the U.S. Air Force, he initially moved to Amarillo to work as a Guard at Pantex, but was always drawn to learning more about exercise and its infinite benefits. He ultimately pursued his Bachelors in Sports & Exercise Sciences from West Texas A&M and Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Texas Tech, so that he could further appreciate how to help others through movement. He met his beautiful wife Haley shortly after moving to Amarillo, and they have two amazing boys, Jude and Beckett. He also has a wonderful daughter, Analisa, that is living her young adult life in Houston.

At In Power PT & Performance, you will receive true one-on-one focus to maximize your time, every time you enter the clinic. Is pain keeping you from playing with your kids, reducing your ability to work, or keeping you from your fitness goals? Are you seeking guidance in your pursuit of a more fit lifestyle? Are you having trouble with moving through functional movement patterns (push, pull, squat, transfer from/to the floor, hip hinge/deadlift, carrying)? Let’s tackle those issues head on by determining your barriers, and eliminate them.

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