Doctor of Physical Therapy, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
Bachelor of Science, Kansas State University


Back Pain, Chronic Pain, CrossFit, Female Fitness Athlete, Fitness Athletes, Headaches, Lifestyle Change, Neck Pain, Older Adults, Orthopedics, Overuse Injuries, Pelvic Floor (Internal), Pelvic Health, Persistent Pain, Spine Pain, Sports Rehab, Telehealth, TMJ/TMD

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Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete (cert-CMFA)

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October 28, 2022

Brian Collins

I’m Dr. Brian Collins, orthopedic and pelvic health physical therapist, and owner of Revitalize 3D: Therapy, Wellness, & Performance. I am a military veteran, tactical and fitness athlete coach, and Doctor of Physical Therapy, who knows firsthand what it’s like to be a patient, having dealt with chronic pain, surgeries, and mental health issues myself. I empower people with the skills, knowledge, and confidence so they can manage their life’s physical stresses. Through the utilization of a wellness-focused, multidimensional approach, I evaluate, diagnose, treat, and give a personalized plan to help people overcome their barriers to success so they can enjoy an active, fulfilling life.

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Revitalize 3D

184 West 400 North, Provo, UT 84601, USA