Doctor of Physical Therapy, Des Moines University
Bachelor of Arts, The University of Iowa


Back Pain, CrossFit, Endurance Athletes, Female Fitness Athlete, Fitness Athletes, Headaches, Lifestyle Change, Neck Pain, Orthopedics, Overuse Injuries, Pelvic Floor (Internal), Pelvic Health, Spine Pain, Sports Rehab, Telehealth

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January 20, 2023

Ashley Riley

Ashley is a Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy, as well as, a pelvic floor physical therapist, CrossFit L-1 Trainer, and Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach. She works online with athletes worldwide in addition to in-person treatment of local athletes. She enjoys traveling to competitions with athletes and teams to provide recovery coaching.

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Move Wise Physical Therapy

Churment Court, Durham, NC 27703, USA