Doctor of Physical Therapy, Daemen College
Bachelor of Science, Daemen College

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March 26, 2024

Alec Courtney

Alec is an orthopedic physical therapist specializing in the treatment of recreationally active adults, athletes, and those looking to become active. Particular areas of interest are fitness athletes, ice hockey, and ACL rehab. He treats patients one-on-one in a gym setting with a fitness forward approach. He blends manual therapy treatments with exercise and patient education to help patients get out of pain and solve the root issue of their problem. Alec loves developing relationships with patients and seeing them as they progress from PT back into competitions, tournaments, races, etc.

When he is not busy with patient care, you can often find Alec grinding through a tough metcon at his CrossFit gym, playing hockey, hiking, or hanging out with his wife and dog. Hobbies/interests outside of being active include traveling to new cities and National Parks, Buffalo Sports, and trying to find the best coffee in town.

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Buffalo Performance Physio

4545 Transit Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221, USA