Modern Management of the Older Adult Certification (CERT-MMOA)

Why Cert-MMOA?

Obtaining your Cert-MMOA will set yourself up as THE provider of choice in your community who can best serve the one of the largest demographics in our society – Older Adults. Cert-MMOA gives you the tools you need to assess, treat, & dramatically improve the lives of the older adult demographic.

  • Learn to effectively prescribe and scale several impactful exercises including: Squat, Deadlift, Loaded Carries, Floor Transfers, Upper Extremity Pushing & Pulling, etc.
  • Efficiently prescribe exercise programs that are appropriate for your patients regardless of medical complexity.
  • Learn to screen & impact important Psychosocial considerations in older adults.
  • Learn how to assess and develop plans of care for medically complex patients.
  • Develop effective marketing skills to reach this large demographic and grow unique revenue streams for yourself or your team.

The combination of evidence based lectures, relevant literature reviews, and practical intervention labs, takes your skills to a completely different level. The future of physical therapy for older adults is moving away from thoughtless 3×10 seated program to effective, evidence based interventions that increase capacity while increasing quality of life…become a part of this revolution with the Cert-MMOA.

Certification in Modern Management of the Older Adult (Cert-MMOA)

What does it cost?

There is no additional cost to be on the certification track. The total cost of obtaining the certification is simply the cost of taking the three core courses.

Certification for Physical Therapy for Older Adults

How do I get Cert-MMOA?

  1. Be a Physical Therapist / Physical Therapist Assistant or Occupational Therapist / Occupational Therapist Assistant.
  2. Complete the following: