ICE Orthopedic Certification (Cert-Ortho)

Why the ICE Orthopedic Certification?

If you’re looking for a path to become a more well-rounded, orthopedic clinician that includes a fitness forward philosophy, this certification is for you. While traditional residency programs often involve working full-time for less than full-time pay while taking courses already covered in entry-level DPT education, the ICE Ortho Cert will help you set yourself apart as the provider of choice in your community for musculoskeletal pain. By arming you with the tools to properly evaluate and treat patients including manual therapy, spinal manipulation, and loading principles for all common orthopedic presentations, you’ll be ready to not just change your patient’s pain, but to change their life in the process.


  • Learn to evaluate & treat the most common musculoskeletal conditions that present in outpatient orthopedic clinics
  • Learn to effectively prescribe and scale commonly prescribed exercises used for the treatment of these conditions
  • Learn to effectively utilize manual therapy techniques including spinal mobilization & thrust manipulation, extremity mobilization & thrust manipulation, and soft tissue techniques
  • Learn to address healthy lifestyle education including sleep hygiene, stress management, meeting physical activity guidelines, and nutrition basics with your patients
  • Learn to screen for & intervene on psychosocial considerations in the outpatient clinic
  • Develop effective marketing strategies to reach this large demographic


What are the requirements?

ICE Cert Ortho Requirements

  1. Be a licensed physical therapist
  2. Complete the following courses:
    1. Extremity Management 
    2. Cervical Spine Management 
    3. Lumbar Spine Management
    4. Total Spine Thrust Manipulation
  3. Notify us when you are attending your 4th and final course by filling out this form. You will be eligible to sit for the practical examination at the end of your final course, regardless of which order you complete them. 

What is the cost?

There is no additional cost to be on the certification track. The total cost of obtaining the certification is simply the cost of taking the 4 core courses: Extremity Management, Lumbar Spine Management, Cervical Spine Management, and Total Spine Thrust Manipulation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How will I receive my actual certification?

Ensure you’ve
notified us ahead of your 4th and final course of the series. You will have the opportunity to let us know which course you’d like to test at. Once your test is scheduled and you successfully passed the exam, you will be mailed a certificate to the address you provided in the form.

When will I receive my pass/fail and feedback from the examination?

You will be graded in person, live, and given instant feedback. You will leave with a pass/fail notification.

I completed all of these courses in the past, how can I sit for the exam?

You are welcome to retake these courses and notify us ahead of time, or if there is a course you’d like to test at, notify us ahead of that course and the instructor will be notified and reach out to you ahead of time.

How should I prepare for the exam?

The exam will be practical in nature – meaning you will demonstrate key techniques, manual therapy and/or exercise techniques from the four core courses. The best preparation is performing continued repetitions on co-workers, family, friends, and patients.