Clinical Excellence Certification

What makes an exceptional clinician?

The ICE certification track requires successful completion of eight core courses that together build a strong, actionable foundation in the key areas required to practice at the top of our profession. With all course work completed the clinician sits for a live comprehensive written and practical exam offered every year on the Friday before our ICE Sampler event. Required core courses can be found on this page.

Registration for the ICE Sampler covers the cost of your certification exam.

Please plan to be in the Carson City, NV area on Friday, April 26th for the 2024 Certification Exam.

What’s on the Test?

1) Comprehensive written exam (120 questions) covering key points from each course
2) Combined oral/practical exam incorporating elements from each course (manual therapy, introducing movement, dosing load, etc.)

Check Your Work!

Are you elegible to test? If so, fill out the form below. Please note that the above curriculum will be in effect for the 2023 examination & beyond.