Physical Therapy Certification Courses

Clinical Excellence certification

Clinical Excellence Certification


Demonstrate your proficiency in key foundational areas that are the mark of a Physical Therapist Version 2.0.

Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete Live

Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete Certification


Set yourself up as THE provider in your community who best serves CrossFit and other recreational and competitive athletes.

Modern Management of the Older Adult: Advanced Concepts

Modern Management of the Older Adult Certification


Become THE provider of choice for older adults in your community. Learn how to build capacity, build resilience, and change someone’s life.

Professional Bike Fitting Certification

Professional Bike Fit Certification


An evidence-based and practical approach to the evaluation and treatment of the injured cyclist.

ICE Orthopedic Certification

ICE Orthopedic Certification


Become a more well-rounded orthopedic clinician with our four-course certification series.