Certification in Clinical Management of Fitness Athletes (Cert-CMFA)

Why the Cert-CMFA?

Obtaining the Cert-CMFA is a sure fire way to set yourself up as THE provider in your community who best serves CrossFit and other recreational & competitive athletes.  The benefits go far beyond servicing these populations however as the Cert-CMFA gives you the tools to incorporate load management and strengthening principles with every patient you service in the outpatient setting.

The combination of evidence based lectures, relevant literature reviews, and video analysis of proper movement performance, takes your targeted exercise prescription skills to a completely different level.  The future of physical therapy is moving away from mat exercises and Theraband to leverage top quality strength and conditioning principles with an aim of building more resilient and robust patients, become a part of this revolution with the Cert-CMFA. 

What are the requirements?

To obtain the Cert-CMFA you must be a physical therapist, physical therapy student, chiropractor, or chiropractic student who has successfully completed the following in any order:

  • Completed the 8 week online CMFA: Essential Foundations course and scored greater than 85% on the mid term and final exam (Register Here)

  • Completed the 8 week online CMFA: Advanced Concepts course and scored greater than 85% on the mid term and Final exam (Register Here)

  • Completed the live onsite CMFA weekend seminar and passed movement proficiency and coaching proficiency exams (Register Here)

What is the cost?

There is no additional cost to be on the certification track.  The total cost of obtaining the certification is simply the cost of taking the three core courses: Fitness Athlete Essential Foundations, Fitness Athlete Advanced Concepts, and Fitness Athlete Live Seminar.  

How do I sign up?

Fill out the form below.  We will mark your file and contact all CMFA instructors to make them aware of your need to complete and necessary testing as you work through the program.  Our faculty will be available to you throughout your journey to help you stay on track as you move through the curriculum.

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