Applied Prevention & Health Promotion Therapies (APHPT)

Learn the fundamentals to become a health facing clinician and shift to preventative care.

Start with the Intro Course then dive deeper with our health facing practice curriculum.

1) Start With The APHPT Intro Course

This 4 week online course is designed for anyone interested in health facing practice, be it at the individual patient level, working alongside corporations, or addressing population health in your community. This course must be completed before diving deeper into our other health facing practice curriculum.

2) Dive Deeper With Our Health Facing Practice Curriculum

APHPT Certification Course

This 12 week course is designed to give learners a thorough understanding of population health. You will understand the current scope of our problem in the United States with a special emphasis on cost. Most importantly, you will develop an actionable portfolio and make a real life pitch to a corporation or group in attempt to land contract work as an Applied Prevention and Health Promotion Clinician.

Precision Prevention

A relatively healthy person walks into the what? This course is an 8 week dive into primary and secondary prevention in the clinical setting, focusing on providing prevention & health promotion services at the individual level. The backbone of the course is the “Elements Evaluation”- a complete prevention evaluation system developed, tested, and utilized by Pro-Activity.