APHPT Intro Course

*Requirement to take other APHPT courses.

This 4 week online course is designed for anyone interested in health facing practice, be it at the individual patient level, working alongside corporations, or addressing population health in your community. This course is open to all health care practitioners as we believe prevention and health promotion is best addressed with multi-disciplinary teams.

This course can be seen as a stand alone introduction to the current health problems we face as a society along with exciting solutions being enacted and those on the horizon.

Alternatively this intro course is the pre-requisite to access our health facing practice curriculum including the APHPT certification, Clinical Prevention Practice, and Total Lifestyle Therapist.


  1. Students will understand and be able to articulate the burden of non-communicable disease in America and its roots.

  2. Students will explore common population health frameworks, models, and management approaches.

  3. Students will research, prepare, and present a logical risk pathway, including relevant and contemporary supporting evidence worthy of value-based payment.

  4. Students will prepare and present at least 2 case studies at varying levels of the social-ecological framework that successfully integrate population heath concepts learned.


Begins August 11th, 2019

Lead Faculty: Mike Eisenhart

Assistant Faculty: Ali Hartman

Price: $295



Week 2 - Live session: pop health pathways - 1 hour

Week 3 - Population health systems - 2 hours

Week 4 - Live session: case studies in pop health - 2 hours

Week 1 - Cohort kick-off and welcome - 1 hour

Week 1 - Introduction to population health - 2 hours

Week 2 - Population health tools - 2 hours

Please Note: Our online courses require active participation to be awarded credit which may include reading, homework assignments, and quizzes. We do not allow students to “drop back” to preceding cohorts due to inability to complete work assigned except under extraordinary circumstances. ICE faculty have the final decision in allowing a “drop back” but students are only allowed one “drop back” per course. Failure to complete the course on your 2nd attempt will not yield CEU credit. All courses allow for a 7 day grace period after course conclusion to receive CEU credit.