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Courses are open to physical therapists and all other rehabilitation providers.
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Deliver life changing results and experience skyrocketing demand for your services with just one year of our specialization training.

Announcing the ICE Physio App!

Announcing the ICE Physio App!

This all-in-one platform is THE place to access all of your ICE coursework, connect with ICE faculty, and discuss fitness-forward healthcare.

What is Physical Therapy 2.0?

Our mission is to create Physical Therapist 2.0. We believe the key to achieving our mission is to promote proficiency in foundational areas along with specialized knowledge and skill in domains where clinicians are highly passionate.

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Become more competent and confident in your ability to get your patients better. Our courses will help you and/or your team achieve Clinical Excellence.

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Virtual ICE

A Clinical-Focused Virtual Mentorship Group created to help you elevate your:

  • Understanding of Current Best Evidence
  • Effectiveness with Patient Care
  • Clinical Reasoning
  • Differential Diagnosis

What Others are Saying About ICE


The evidence presented was the most recent possible, encompassing a progressive biopsychosocial model, and applicable immediately to clients and patients the next day in clinic. ICE has the best model and I will definitely be taking more of their courses to help become the best PT I can be.

Kyle Denlinger | Baltimore, MD


ICE courses have absolutely changed how I practice as a clinician. They have made me hold myself to a higher standard as a PT and have completely reversed the burned-out feeling I was starting to have as a therapist. I cannot recommend ICE courses enough!

Rachel Moore | Houston, TX


The Institute of Clinical Excellence has changed the way I practice PT. I am so excited for their weekly Hump Day Hustling email. Each class I have taken has been worth every penny. I would strongly recommend any of their courses as a stand-alone or to dig into their #BeAboutIt drive to transform physical therapy to partner with patients to achieve health and wholeness and not just be a part of the medical system.

Rebecca Fleming | Lewiston, ID


This was the most fun-filled course I've ever participated in! The instructors are all extremely passionate, fun, and energetic. The courses challenge your current understanding and motivate you to be a better all-around healthcare provider for your patients. Come ready to learn, laugh, and sweat!

AJ Johnson | Detroit, MI


Every ICE class I have ever taken has been TOP NOTCH and WELL WORTH THE MONEY! They are all so passionate about what they do and how to help PTs become better. They cover topics desperately needed in our profession and give you tools to implement things into practice the very next day. Please take the time to take an excellent course like no other - you won't regret it!

Amber Schmitt | Michigan