Course Description: Healthcare is shifting to value over volume. This value will be measured by clinical outcomes and the patient experience within the healthcare setting. This class is designed to improve your ability to deliver optimal outcomes for patients with neck pain while simultaneously maximizing the consumer experience. This 2 day course will focus on current best evidence in the treatment of neck pain with a special emphasis on manual therapy interventions, key conversations during course of care, and critical business principles. Specifically, we will use a case example to illustrate how high quality physical therapy evaluation and treatment of neck pain coupled together with essential customer service domains including marketing, communication, therapeutic alliance development, and transparency creates a highly valued product. This course has been designed to cover the topics as they are encountered in real time beginning with initial point of contact to clinic marketing outreach and concluding with discharge and follow up correspondence. Improving the business side and better understanding the conversation that occurs during the physical therapy examination along with the treatment skills will result in higher perceived value allowing clinicians to demand greater payment in today’s competitive healthcare market.


Course Schedule: 

  • Saturday 8:00am - 5:30pm (lunch 12pm-12:30pm) 
  • Sunday 8:00am - 4:30pm (lunch 11:30am-12pm)
  • There are 2 planned 15 minute breaks each day

Target Audience: Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Students.  Level of Experience required: Must currently be enrolled in an accredited DPT program or be a licensed clinician. No other specific experience is required as the techniques and content are fundamental in nature. 

Course Objectives:

1.     Be able to fill out a body diagram during the subjective examination and use the information to develop a targeted hypothesis list

2.     Understand the components of a cervical physical examination that need to be included to develop a plan of care based on clinical practice guidelines 

3.     Learn the conversation that needs to occur to get buy in on your Plan Of Care from your patient.

4.     Use current best evidence to decide on initial treatment for various cervicasl presentations

5.     Comfortably perform HVLAT to the cervical spine and cervicothoracic junction

6.     Develop awareness of the most successful and cost effective methods to increase brand awareness of your clinic within your community

7.     Develop systems to reduce or eliminate confusion regarding payment for services at initial visit

8.     Develop systems to correspond with patients after they have completed a course of care to facilitate future business

9.     Learn to leverage marketing efforts of satisfied customers within your company to expand your networ



Dr. Jerry Durham:  Co-Founder of San Francisco Sport and Spine now with 4 locations Jerry has extensive experience in all things private practice physical therapy. Jerry is arguably the best known physical therapist in the country on social media thanks to years of targeted brand building (contact jerry: 

Dr Jeff Moore: Fellowship trained physical therapist, Faculty member for Evidence In Motion, and founder of Institute of Clinical Excellence. Jeff has almost a decade of outpatient practice and years of teaching experience at graduate and post graduate levels. (contact jeff: