ice immersion:

Your all access pass to our entire course catalog

why ice immersion?

Many of you have reached out to us with feedback saying you love our content and want to take it all, and we have heard you.  Clearly this level of loyalty and dedication to becoming physical therapy version 2.0 through a diverse combination of foundational clinical management courses, fitness and endurance athlete content, population health certification, and so much more deserves and demands a response by the Institute.  Cue ICE IMMERSION, every course we offer, both online and live content, available in one package.  When you commit, we commit, and together we change this profession.

How does it work?

ICE IMMERSION clinicians get THREE YEARS from the day of enrollment during which they have unrestricted access to all ICE content.  IMMERSION participants can take any and every live or online course, AS MANY TIMES AS THEY WOULD LIKE, during their three year IMMERSION time period.  There are no restrictions on content and it gets even better: Any NEW COURSES launched during your time in IMMERSION are also included at no increase cost.

What is the cost?


With our current course catalogue the ICE IMMERSION value is well over $9,000.00 , and that is if you only take each course once and does account for the ability to take future offerings for courses that are launched during your active ICE IMMERSION window.  

Payment Distribution: $1,000.00 is collected as a down payment to initiate immersion.  Following that initial payment you will be invoiced $1,000.00 every four months until the $6,000.00 has been collected (20 months into the program).

How do I sign up?

Send us an email at for more information, to schedule a phone call to chat it through, or to get signed up.  If want to begin immediately we will get you the initial down payment invoice same day!