Course Description

This 8 week online  course is designed for physical therapists and chiropractors with an existing foundation in working with fitness athletes who want to take their treatment and coaching skills to the next level.  The fitness athlete is already committed to his or her own health and wellness but faces unique problems with lifestyle integration, training program development, and movement dysfunctions that impair performance. There are two primary objective of this course: First is to dive deep into the performance, coaching, and trouble shooting of the more advanced and complex movements found in the programs of fitness athletes. Examples of such advanced movements would include but will not be limited to: hollow body, kipping, pull ups, muscle ups, and hand stand progressions.  Second is to develop clinicians who have the ability to create programs that minimize injury risk, skillfully modify programming during periods of injury to allow continued training, and market effectively to become the provider of choice for fitness athletes within their communities. 

Through online learning, community discussion, and weekly meetings, instructor Dr. Zach Long will connect with the cohort to deliver lecture content and to work through individual case examples as movements and dysfunctions are explored.  The Go To Meeting sessions will give students the ability to ask specific questions and ensure they completely understand all aspects of the material presented each week. 


Dr. Zach Long is the Director of Physical Therapy at Carolina Sports Clinic in North Carolina and runs an industry leading fitness website "The Barbell Physio" where he is a trusted resource to thousands of athletes, coaches, and health care professionals across the United States and beyond.  Additionally, Zach teaches with Owens Recovery Science, the undisputed frontrunner in Blood Flow Restriction clinical training and research.  Zach is an ABPTS Sports Certified Specialist, Level One CrossFit Trainer, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, and certified SFMA practitioner.