Clinical Excellence certification


What makes an exceptional clinician? At The Institute of Clinical Excellence we believe the answer is proficiency in key foundational areas along with specialized knowledge and skill in a domain where the clinician is highly passionate.  We have designed our comprehensive clinical excellence certification in direct accordance with this philosophy.  The ICE certification track requires successful completion of all core courses and two additional elective classes in your specialization area of choice.  With all course work completed the clinician sits for a live comprehensive written and practical exam offered every April on the Friday before our ICE Sampler event in Las Vegas. Purchasing the certification exam ticket allows the clinician to attend the Sampler for no additional charge the weekend following testing.  See below for the required core courses and the list of elective specialization options.

Core Courses

Elective Specialization Courses (choose two)

Comprehensive written and practical exam  (Held annually in April - Includes ICE Sampler admission).  Clinical Excellence Certification day includes:

  • Two hours of review with various ICE faculty representing our different divisions prior of the examination 
  • Written exams covering all domains of core competency 
  • Practical exams including examination and technique performance with oral defense on case based questions

How to get started:

  • Sign up for the Clinical Excellence Certification Exam.  When we receive your registration we will connect with you to confirm eligibility and answer any questions you may have regarding preparation and logistics. 

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Clinical Excellence Certification Exam: Las Vegas, NV

Registration for the Clinical Excellence Certification Includes Admission to ICE Sampler

Friday April 5th, 2019

Schedule 8am - 4pm

A variety of ICE faculty will be present for the examination


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