Health Facing Guide to CSM

We have a guest blog post from Mark Ciolek, PT! 


“You are the average of the five people you most associate with”

-Tim Ferriss

So you’re going to CSM where once per year clinicians, researchers, teachers, and branded stress balls descend on an airplane hangar-sized conference center.

Although with just 1.5 years as a #FreshPT, I’ve been to a conference or two in my day.

My favorite things about conference-going include:

  2. Exposing yourself to new concepts
  3. IDEAS over strict, condition-specific topics

CSM is the go-to event for bringing a wide range of thought leaders and eager learners together, BUT it’s easy to get stuck in the same thought pattern and echo chamber.

My most valuable experiences have been attending sessions that offer some shift in thinking from the way I’ve previously done things. The most important part happens AFTER the session, where you can then continue the conversation with presenters and attendees, and build relationships.

Hearing pain neuroscience presentations from presenters like Adriaan Louw, Peter O’Sullivan, and Lorimer Moseley was my first wave of ‘thought shifting.’ These are people who frame their clinical practice much differently than I did previously.

Similarly, my last year has been highlighted by a deep dive into all things prevention,health promotion, and population health. This includes the idea that as a country we are doing a poor job addressing lifestyle related diseases, and the realization that if physical therapists can make a dramatic shift in practice pattern — WE could be part of the solution.

This journey of shifting my practice pattern to be more ‘health facing’ has been led by a PEOPLE: leaders, newcomers, and a community, spearheaded by the mad scientist himself, Mike Eisenhart, and the growing passionate members at the APHPT.

What does this look like?

How does it work?

Who is already trying it?

Answers to these questions are likely not in your textbooks.

BUT — this conversation can start at CSM.

I encourage you to seek out sessions at CSM 2018 that challenge your thinking and engage in the conversation.

Happy Conferencing!