Course Description

This is an online course with live interface via GoTo Meeting sessions where students will engage directly with Mike to summarize the information and allow for question and answer sessions following each quarter of material. The course is 12 weeks in duration broken into modules designed to give learners a thorough understanding of population health, the current scope of our problem in the United States with a special emphasis on cost, and most importantly to assist the learner in developing an actionable portfolio and make a real life pitch to a corporation or group in attempt to land contract work as an Applied Prevention and Health Promotion physical therapist. Above all else this course is designed to equip the learner with the resources and network required to fundamentally shift their career towards preventative care in a profitable manner. 

Instructional Method: Online lecture and Live Q&A

Student to faculty ratio: 10:1 (Faculty to student)

course objectives

1. Understand the concept of population health and its’ implications on both systems and individuals in terms of cost and productivity.

2. Understand the basic components of healthy living and how they directly relate to productivity, longevity, and cost burden on systems.

3. Understand the required shift form focus on the individual to focus on the population as an essential step in reframing service delivery to cut cost and promote health.

4. Develop a market analysis of the current needs within your own community with special emphasis on isolating a small number of companies that could immediately benefit from incorporating the services of an Applied Prevention and Health Promotion Therapist.

5. Successfully pitch your services using a combination of population health current best evidence with a targeted local market and cost analysis.

course schedule

Block 1: Introduction - Lifestyle Disease and Society: from global burden to business impact, more harm than good and a case for change

• Block 2: Strategies that work - ELEMENTS of a healthy life and overview of the evidence related to lifestyle intervention as the best available strategy to lower the burden of disease.

• Block 3: The Ecosystem - shifting from individual up interventions to population down interventions

• Block 4: Surveying the Landscape - marketing population health expertise and your prevention practice

• Block 5: Turning knowledge into business - delivering high value services at a fair profit.

• Block 6: N=1: Jumping off -building a prevention & lifestyle brand: Delivering the goods and making your pitch.

Faculty Bio: Mike Eisenhart

Mike Eisenhart is a husband and father of three, a son, a brother to 5 and an uncle to many. Mike is also a physical therapist, a health consultant, Pro-Activity’s managing partner and a self-proclaimed mad scientist on the move; a passionate subject matter expert in the realms of injury and disease prevention, as well as human performance and achievement. Mike can usually be found pushing himself (and the status quo) either on behalf of his clients or in an effort to live his personal mission of being a “doer of extraordinary things”. Mike Eisenhart is a leader in the physical therapy profession having held posts at the local, state and national levels for the American Physical Therapy association, the nation’s largest professional association for physical therapists including the role of President of the association’s NJ chapter from 2015 to 2017. In addition, as one of the profession’s top innovators, formally recognized in 2013 for work done on Pro-Activity’s Prevention Model, which he pioneered initially in 1999, Mike has written extensively ranging from blogs and trade journals to more formal peer-reviewed publications. His most recent formal work was the chapter “Work Injury Prevention and Management: The Role of the Physical Therapist in Injury Reduction/Prevention and Workforce Wellness” in 2014, on behalf of the national Orthopedic Section of the APTA. Professionally, Mike is perhaps most widely known as a passionate speaker/presenter and coach, having lectured on health and prevention to thousands of clients, employers, professionals and students, in audiences both small and large over the years.....and when he’s not chasing his kids or logging the swim-bike-run miles, he can be found....sleeping of course.