Aphpt Certification

Successful completion of the 12 week APHPT online course is a certification course through which a clinician earns the APHPT credentials offered by the Institute of Clinical Excellence. 


The APHPT course is very rigorous with a great deal of didactic and practical content contained within each two week unit.  Following each two week unit there is a quiz that needs to be completed with a grade of 80% or better for successful passing to the next unit.  Additionally each clinician is required to develop and present a "pitch" intended for marketing and corporate contract obtainment. 


The cost of the certification is included in the cost of the APHPT 12 week online course which is currently priced at $995.  This course is currently pre approved for 24 CEUs

How do i sign up

Simply sign up for the APHPT course and complete the assignments and quizzes, there is no need to apply separately for the certification.