'rising tide' : An APHPT annual event

Have you ever returned from a continuing education weekend deeply rejuvenated?  Feeling more physically and mentally tuned in to yourself and your purpose of being an ambassador of health and wellness for others?  That in a nutshell is the goal of our Academy of Prevention and Health Promotion annual event.

Move. Fuel. Recover. Endure. Connect.  This is the APHPT recipe for health and performance, and thus the elements we intend to both teach and experience in our three days together:

  • Move: There will be plenty! In fact physical activity will comprise the better part of each afternoon, expect to run, climb, scramble, and stretch without fail every day.

  • Fuel: We are what we eat, let us eat well.  Food is more than macro and micro nutrients, it is one of the greatest expressions of a people and culture. Our fuel at each APHPT event tis inspired by location and intention

  • Recover: In a world overflowing with stimuli and demands of our time, energy, and attention, recovery has never been more important. Energy output is celebrated in modern society to an extent that recovery is often neglected or even considered taboo. This weekend will push back on that sentiment with deliberate time and attention devoted to restoring your mental and physical energies.  

  • Endure: The resilience of the human spirit is embodied in story after story of perseverance and victory against all odds, in tales of being down and out only to rise and fight another day.  At APHPT we believe tales of grit are best told in first person.  Get ready for incredible talks from folks who pushed themselves to their limits and returned to tell the tale.  Have a story of your own? There will be plenty of time to share it around the bonfire as you will undoubtedly have eager listeners.

  • Connect:  The element most responsible for creation of this conference, and the one we lean most heavily on to make the experience unforgettable.  We aren't meant to take on this world alone, but instead to travel in packs with like minded people who share a common pursuit and purpose. Shoulder to shoulder  we will challenge ourselves, teach and learn from each other, and collectively transform.  "If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together".

Sound different than your usual con ed weekend? Welcome to a 'Fundamentally Different Way to Learn'.  We realize this type of experiential learning is not for everyone, but if what you read above resonates somewhere deep inside of you please consider joining us, it would be our honor to enjoy your company.


Rising Tide 2019: APHPT Annual Event

  • Dates: October 18-20, 2019

  • Location: Northeast :)

  • Price = $795 (Early Bird - Price increase set for April 1)

  • Discounts: APHPT members get $100 off with promo code ‘APHPTMEMBER’

  • Event Organizers: Mike Eisenhart, Christopher Johnson, Jeff Moore