lucas h.

I am a Manual Physical Therapist. I have worked in an out patient orthopedic clinical setting for the last decade. I have developed and cultivated an interest in treating patients with many different orthopedic, neurologic, and vestibular complaints. I am compassionate, diligent, empathetic, and hard working, dedicated to providing optimal, evidence based care.

I have a special interest in the clinical reasoning process behind the treatment of patients. In particular, how and why do we develop diagnostic hypotheses, how and why do we grade examinations and treatments, and which treatments do we chose and why? The thought process behind what we do matters. Being mentally and emotionally present in the room with the patient is important, and analyzing our clinical reasoning helps us in these aspects of our profession. To that end, and to help satisfy my interest in these areas, I am a faculty member with the Evidence in Motion Manual Therapy Fellowship in the clinical reasoning coursework. I love the ability to discuss these aspects of care and spend time, even virtually, with people who are also interested in thinking about how/why we do what we do.

I am also passionate in my use and application of manual therapy, especially manipulation and joint mobilization, and enjoy learning new techniques or new ways to perform “old techniques.” I am always looking at and trying to change my practice. I love the ability to change my practice patterns to help even one patient. The ability to interact with many different people with different manual therapy backgrounds has helped me hone these skills and increased my creativeness in mobilizing a joint.

Finally, I have more recently developed a desire and an enjoyment in teaching and instructing, both students as well as other experienced professionals. I feel the need to give back to the profession what has been given to me. I love seeing the lights go on when someone I have instructed has understood a concept. This keeps my fire burning.

I am a Coeur d’Alene, Idaho native and moved back after college and physical therapy school. I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington with my Bachelor’s degree in physical education in 2004. I moved to Denver for physical therapy school at Regis University, from where I graduated in 2007. I continue to live in North Idaho with my wife, who is also a physical therapist, our two young daughters, and our dogs and cats. I enjoy an active life including anything with my family, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, camping/backpacking, and triathlon. I like listening to loud rock ‘n’ roll, preferably live. I drink, brew, and like to talk about beer. I like to LIVE my life.


I live in the Pacific Northwest and am often in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Colorado. I can easily travel to Arizona, California, and Nevada as well. In certain situations I can travel to other easily accessible big cities in the western US. I am currently licensed in Idaho.

Estimated level of commitment: a few days every 8-12 weeks, but dependent on family commitments.