Joe S.

Joseph Signorino is a Senior Physical Therapist at The George Washington University Hospital Outpatient Physical Therapy Department in Washington, DC. He is a lead instructor for Evidence in Motion online learning management courses. He is an adjunct instructor in the Department of Physical Therapy and Health Care Sciences in the Entry-Level Physical Therapy Program. He completed fellowship training with Evidence in Motion in November, 2015 and is a board certified orthopaedic clinical specialist.

Clinically, he has a particular interest in integrating thrust and non-thrust manipulation into clinical practice. His particular interest lies with conservative management for hip and lumbopelvic conditions. He also treats a high number of patient with persistent pain and enjoys regularly integrating pain neuroscience education into patient management. Both thrust and non-thrust techniques are integrated into practice while perfecting the clinical reasoning, hypothetico-deductive reasoning process. Other areas of interest include the cervical and thoracic spine, shoulder, knee, TMJ, cervico-occipute region, and foot/ankle.

In addition to clinical practice, he is interested in collaborative efforts to create journal rounds and train manipulative therapy techniques to clinicians on an individual or group basis. His interests also lies in developing clinical education student programs at any level in addition to mentoring new graduates when entering clinic. He is also interested in and has assisted with clinic educational development programs to enhance quality of care.