Kevin L.

I dig chronic pain! No, really, I actually dig chronic pain. I love guiding this population toward more a more meaningful quality of life. But hey, I need to maintain my sanity just like everyone else, so I treat both chronic pain patients and high level competitive fitness participants. Think CrossFit, but don’t say it. I don’t have a license to use their TM. Sticking with the former population, I currently work at the University of Florida. I have to deal with Steven George and Joel Bialosky on a near daily basis. I live and breathe psychologically-informed practice and pain neuroscience, but in my case I do it in a truly clinically-applicable way. So if you don’t dig that approach for this population, we might not jive well. Luckily, I also look at mobility, stability, and clinical video motion analysis for my high level athletes. These guys almost like/need pain, so long as they can still do burpees and muscle-up. I speak this language and get them to understand why the little stuff will help them with the bigger stuff. Additionally, I mix the pain science with the athletes cause if any group get crap info from terribly misinformed practitioners, it’s these guys.

I have mentored a lot of fellows. I have been told I can come across as intimidating, but trust me, it’s just facial expressions and a strong desire to get you to the answer through reasoning versus telling you my reasoning. This has lead more than one FiT to tell me how brain dead they are after our sessions. All of them are still friends and most of us have a 2-way consultation relationship that has lasted over the years. I want FiTs to be the best, but I want them to get there through reasoning and metacognition, not mimicry.

Enough with the clinical stuff, I love pizza, Guinness, and anything Irish or Scottish. Pizza is my downfall and the other stuff is my heritage. To make up for the negatives these vices these incur, I participate in group fitness classes. Think CrossFit but without the powerlifting. The intervals and other lifts kick my butt and I love it.