Andrew z.

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008 where I was heavily indoctrinated into the manual therapy world from the likes of Tony Delitto, Mike Timko and with heavy the influences of Richard Erhard before his passing. My itch for manual therapy grew early in my practice as I was experimenting with patients and spending some more time with Mike Timko. I then entered EIM’s MTC program in 2012 and have been with that family since. By 2014, I jumped into the manual therapy fellowship at the encouragement of those I met during the MTC program and have been highly grateful for the experience.

The group I spent the most time with during our clinical reasoning courses was truly phenomenal. There is always that awkward feeling out period figuring out who is tops, etc…but not really so with this group. It was all about promoting a higher level of practice with one another. We sought to challenge ourselves and each other by learning not only our from own past failings but the group. I can truly say it was a group of strong personalities but not really strong egos. This camaraderie helped all of us thru this process.

My passion is for treating athletes, runners in particular, as I ran D-I track for the University of Pittsburgh. Seeking how to treat runners on the fly is challenging, because we do not sit idle for long. Obviously I am not fortunate enough to treat athletes all day, so my 2nd favorite thing is spine care. Yes, manipulation is a piece of treatment, but working the puzzle to put all the pieces together from the subjective through the objective to arrive at the best treatment plan is the fun part. Sometimes it can be trial and error, but fellowship training has helped to reduce those errors.

Presently I reside in Mechanicsburg, PA, which is near Harrisburg for those that know their geography. I am currently working on building my own private concierge type PT practice. I have easy access to multiple interstates and can travel easily throughout PA, MD, NJ, DE, WV, NY, and VA. My travel throughout the rest of the country is variable from year to year based on my wife’s travel musings.