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Clinical Excellence

We Help Rehab Pro's Achieve Clinical Excellence through transformational educational experiences

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What Do People say About ICE?

If you are unsatisfied with the bar being set low in school or in the clinic and are looking to elevate yourself, TAKE A COURSE WITH ICE.
— Britt L.

HANDS DOWN the most fun and informative Con Ed course I have taken in my 10 years.
— Josh A.

Really can’t recommend ICE enough! Taken both online and live courses that are TRULY PRACTICE CHANGING.
— Mark C.
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Struggle to find worthwhile continuing education?

Want to gain skills to better serve your patients & advance your career?

Want to be more confident in your ability to get your patients better?

See how our courses can help you &/or your team achieve Clinical Excellence.



A Clinical-Focused Virtual Mentorship Group created to help you elevate your:

  • Clinical Reasoning

  • Differential Diagnosis

  • Understanding of Current Best Evidence

  • Effectiveness with Patient Care

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See how we can help your clinic position itself for the success.

Combining our skill sets with data collection, evaluation, and clinical processes, we take detailed inventory of your clinic's current position and Chart a Course Forward.